Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What a Weekend! Now onto Third Trimester!

I had such a great time this weekend helping host my friend's baby shower (photos to come soon), but my husband's shenanigans weekend looked like lots of fun too. He celebrated his best friend who is to be married at the end of the month by going golfing....

to the shooting range.....
a stop at In and Out Burger, and of course some poker (yes a few beers too).

Yes, this is one of Dashing's favorite shirts. Permission to laugh granted.

Dashing and his friends are hysterical and and make me laugh so much! OK, this may be TMI, but yesterday after dinner at an Indian food restaurant, Dashing had me laughing so hard that I couldn't keep my meal down. There isn't much room in my belly anymore as evidence below! Third trimester....here we go!

27 Weeks
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Sara Cate


Everyday Adventures said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for both of you! you are super cute! Love the pic :)

Megan said...

First off, congratulations on the little baby :) I've been reading your blog for quite a while but I don't think I've ever commented. I hope this isn't too personal to ask, and by all means you do not have to answer, but I too was diagnosed with cancer (Leukemia) and I was curious if you got pregnant by freezing your eggs (I think I remember you discussing that) or naturally. You can always email me at mwblakey at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That bump is so cute!! My biggest pregnancy complaint was Jack sitting so high in my stomach that there was no room for anything else, so I completely understand you losing your dinner. haha.


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