Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Dream of Kristen Bell

They say that when you're pregnant, you may experience unique dreams. My case is no different.

I've had dreams about a cat-human species trying to murder my real cat. I've dreamt a family member was put in jail for hot-dog theft. One dream was that my husband kissed another woman, and when I found out and confronted him about it saying "How could you do this,  you're going to be a dad!" he said "What are you doing to do, divorce me over a kiss?" I said sobbing...."Maybe." I woke up sad and angry that morning! Many more escape my memory at the time, but those are the tame ones I can quickly remember.

Last night was no exception.

I dreamt I was a part of Veronica Mars. Not the television show, but that the episodes were just real life. You know, that television show that ran from 2004-2007 staring the beautiful Kristen Bell?



 I became addicted to the re-run marathons this year. I had never seen it before, and now I'm like "Why did they ever cancel this!" I also love Kristen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We should be best friends.

Anyhow, back to the story. I was somewhere with a dock and there was a large yacht, or maybe a small cruise ship. Think San Diego on a sunny day with a slight breeze. All of a sudden, Veronica Mars tells everyone in port that we have to get everyone off of the yacht because there is a hurricane coming right now. Everyone rushes to the ship to start escorting people to land. I, pregnant, am waddling to go grab some children and help them off the ship. I'm grabbing the last two kids to get them to land. All of the passengers and dock visitors are cheering me on to hurry and run down the dock to get to land because there is a huge wave creeping up right behind me. Think cartoon style wave that is cresting 50 feet high and was born out of a calm sea. I trip. Fall on my pregnant belly. The little boy I was carrying tumbles to the ground. The little girl I was holding hands with helps me and the little boy up with only a few scratches. Cheers to Go Go Go! are roaring from the crowd. We hurry off the dock just as the waves crash down upon the yacht smashing it to pieces. No worries though - we got everyone off the ship and the water didn't touch land. Dream over.



Anonymous said...

Wow that is very vivid!!

sara said...

You are not alone! I've had the most VIVID dreams while pregnant! Though they've kind of tapered off now for some reason, while I was having them, almost every single one had to do with a celebrity of some sort. Taylor Swift. Jason Momoa. Lady Gaga... SO weird. (And that list could go on and on and on, seirously.) Then there was the one where I was a spy... They were all kind of fun, though, because I normally don't remember dreams that vividly at all!

Also? Veronica Mars? LOVE that show! Logan is my fave <3


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