Monday, September 20, 2010

Blissfully Wedded - The Anticipation and The Ceremony

The ceremony, the most important part! We decided to get married in our lutheran church; the church that prayed for and checked in on me while I was going through cancer treatments, the church that I went to with Dashing's family for Easter only 3 weeks after meeting him, the church that I have taken bible studies with, and the church that is home to the now retired pastor who confirmed Dashing's Dad, married Dashing's parents and his sister and brother-in-law,  and baptized Dashing and his sister. Wow what a history. Before we could marry in our church, we worked with our Pastor and read 2 books - the better of the two was The Five Languages of Love and the other was Men are like Waffles and Women are like Spaghetti. We had read the love languages book before and have talked about it extensively in our relationship - it has really helped us understand one another better. (Like why I can find my shoes by the trash can if I don't put them away - You can bet that I now put away my shoes :) Despite the possible tossing of my wardrobe, we have found that our love is deep and genuine, that we make each other better individually, yet are stronger together. 

While the girls primped in our plush dressing room, the guys hung out listening to music, took photos, and enjoyed some lunch. 

We made the guys boutonnieres out of old book pages from a book called The Wedding!

Above - Dashing with his sister Miss E

Here are the new in-laws before we headed to the church.

The Anticipation - this is Dashing's serious look. 
Maybe we should call is something like Black Steel?

Love this photo! I feel like a celebrity with the paparazzi chasing me into the elevator.
We were leaving the Four Seasons heading to the church! 
I ended up changing out of my dress after bridal photos and re-dressed at the church.

Waiting at the church (above) for these lovelies (below)......

My dad walking me down the isle to Dashing's all-time favorite classical song Pachelbel's Cannon in D.

Dashing taking my hand to hold in marriage.

Marrying my best friend.

You may now kiss the bride!

The recessional.

This is my favorite photo (above).

Just outside the sanctuary...we did it!

Signing the marriage license. Check out how happy our Pastor is in the back!

Then we headed back to the sanctuary with family to take the formal photos.....we had fun too though.
Our church has these air vents in the floor. Usually we scold them because when you wear a dress to church, you have to be careful you don't flash anyone. However, they were perfect for our summer wedding! (above and below, girls just wanna have Marilyn Monroe!)
This is my favorite photo of my wonderful bridesmaids.

I started getting really warm...the vents were so perfect as we waited to take more family photos.

Dashing's close family. Do you see how many there are?!! I met them all after 3 weeks of knowing Dashing. They were so intimidating at that point, but now they are family and I feel so comfortable with them! (above).

My in-laws. From left, Miss E's Hubs, Miss E, Sara Cate, Dashing, Dashing's Mom, Dashing's Dad

From left: My dad's wife, my Dad, Sara Cate, Dashing, Dashing's Mom, Dashing's Dad

Us with our flower girl and ring bearer. They are just so precious!

A little relaxation before we head to our reception.

On to celebrate our Happily Ever After.

Reception photos are up next! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blissfully Wedded - Before the Ceremony

The morning of July 10 was so sweet. The leisurely morning was spent at the Four Seasons Scottsdale getting ready with my bridesmaids, rehearsal stand-in-bride, and mother-in-law. My friends (aka Rocks) brought us lots of coffee and we enjoyed fresh fruit and strawberry infused water. OOOOOh so luxiourious. I'm lusting to return to the Four Seasons as I write this! We listened to music (everything from Rhianna to Sinatra), danced around, shared stories. Here are some photos of how the sweetest day of my life began...... 

This is the guest book that my mother-in-law made for us (Above)
Above - Seeing my dad for the first time in my dress.
Above - Yes, that really is the sky! No photoshop. You want to move to AZ now right???!

Hold on to  your hats, dear readers. Next week will be bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the church!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blissfully Wedded - The Engagement Photos

I am so excited to share with you our engagement photos from April. We loved spending the day together and with our photographers from About Love Inspired Photography. We wanted to make each "scene" special, and most importantly scream US. (Note: INSPIRED photography. How perfect as I'm "Rolling the Dice")

Scene 1: We have spend countless hours at Dashing's parents house, with quite a few of those in their backyard. Although located in the Arizona desert, Dashing's parents have a back yard most mid-western folk would envy. It's covered in soft green grass with trees that wrap you in shade. The outdoor fire place and cabana provide warm retreats (we really do need them in the winter!). The tile surrounded pool and rock covered pond sooth the soul with the sound of trickling water. Although serene, we've also had plenty of alcoholic beverage hosted parties including our annual Kentucky Derby Party, many graduations, and my cancer diagnosis party (yup, we had one of those. Any excuse to get a group of people we love together will work). This backyard has meant so much to us. So we had to use this as one of our stops.

Scene 2: The Mustang. Dashing has wanted a vintage Mustang pretty much his entire life. Just days after my diagnosis, Dashing's mom found a 1964 black Mustang Coupe in a random auction house under farm equipment. She to this day doesn't know why she was looking in that section - fate or is she wanting to get into farming??? Anyways, I went to a doctor's appointment, and she went and scooped up this beautiful car and Dashing handed over the check without batting an eye. Dashing and I could use the pick up me - especially him as he was in his third year of medical school, and I was getting all of the attention. The feel of the gnarly-dog growing engine in his control really turns him on makes him happy. So, enter THE MUSTANG.

Stay tuned......INSPIRED Wedding Photos are still to come. 


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