Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pressing on

This past weekend, I went on an outing to the more indie film theater to see a film June Bug, Dashing's grandma, wanted to see. Typically you'd think a grandparent would want to see some slow, lackluster film. No such thing with June Bug. She had me and Glenda join her for a trip to see Coco Before Channel. It was a wonderfully done subtitled movie with so much ambition. One line stood out specifically for me. A main character in the movie said to Coco that when a woman cuts her hair, her life will change. I can stand by that line!

On Wednesday, I had my third chemotherapy treatment. I'm getting used to the drive to Tucson, the check-in process, and the treatment regimen. However, this time was extra special! Instead of sitting in the pods of recliners, I was pleasantly surprised that this time I got to have a private room! Usually these are reserved for very ill people or patients that must receive treatment lying down. They were slow that morning -so I benefited from it. See these private rooms have a bed and tv. So plush! Take a look - it looks like a hospital room, I know, but it is so comfortable!

After treatment on Wednesdays, Dashing's aunt is sweet enough to have dinner ready for the entourage when we arrive home after our long day of travel and treatment. She does this every week - what a kind heart she has. This week's menu included pasta, homemade meatballs, dinner rolls, caesar salad, and wine. So delicious!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm headed on another outing to the Arizona State Fair tonight. I may be rolling in a wheelchair, but hey - it's worth it for their elephant ears and corn on the cob!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They tell me...

They told me there would be side effects. However, I never could have expected nor understood the crazy side effects that would come with chemotherapy. I wanted to share with you some of the wild things I've felt over the past 4 weeks that just don't make sense.

1. Appetite increase or decrease: They told me my appetite would change. Some days I'm not interested in anything, while other days I'm hungry all day. The oddest thing is when I'm so hungry, but am so full I'm about to burst. How is that even possible?? I told Dashing about my insatiable hunger and his response, "Welcome to my life." I had no idea!

2. Comfort: They told me I may not always feel comfortable. I didn't think that meant hot and cold flashes, or both together. Yes, sometimes I feel hot AND cold at the same time. Again, I'm not sure how this is possible, but it happens. One minute I'll be wrapped up like an Eskimo in a snow storm and the next I'm debating putting on a swim suit.

3. Sleeping patterns: They told me I may get insomnia. I am sometimes so tired, yet can't get a wink of sleep. During chemotherapy, they give me steroids for a variety of reasons that have completely messed up my sleeping patterns. Then, they say don't take naps of more than an hour or things will get more screwy. Ugh.

What's to come, they say I'll lose my hair on day 21. That's tomorrow. Nothing's happened yet; however, no one is willing to bet that it won't happen. More to come.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Adventures in Hair

I promised photos of my new short haircut and my new here they are!!

From left: new way short haircut; new wig; me and Glenda (in a wig)

You can see that this whole wig experience has been a fun one. I think Dashing was jealous of the fun, so he proceeded to join in too. I think he resembles a member of an 80's hairband.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Logo Fail

The entourage and I frequently visit a yogurt store just up the road. Every time we go there I laugh at one of the strip center neighbor's logos. So, I finally took a picture to share.

LOGO FAIL. Enough said.
Note: If you're confused about what a FAIL is, visit to see hilarious photos that just don't work.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I've been behind on updating everyone with my treatments - but I figure you all will give me some slack here. In order to pack everything into a nice little post package, I'll attempt to do a montage. Who doesn't like that?? I'll do small clips of things that have happened. If you want more about something specific, leave me a comment about it and I'll include details in my next post.

Fertility egg retrieval last Tuesday (Sept.29): They knocked me out with crazy drugs - don't remember anything, but now have little lovelies frozen in a locker under high security protection. No chemo will get to them in there!

First chemotherapy treatment last Wednesday (Sept. 30): It's like a big living room with recliners and family hanging out. Just includes lots of tubes, beepings, and chemicals.

The next day: You would expect the next few days to be tough, but they really weren't that bad!!! I have lost my sweet that possible....apparently so!

Complications: This has been the worst of it all. I am one of the lucky few that had complications from the fertility hormones and have horded fluid in my body. Essentially I have a little more than an inch of fluid surrounding my lungs called plural effusion and lots of fluid in my belly. AT LEAST 4 pounds of it!!! I had to go to the emergency room to find this out because I was coughing, short of breath, and couldn't lie down. Luckily, Dashing's uncle is a local ER doc too - so we just went to see him. Perfect, I know! Unfortunately, I just have to wait for my body to dispel this fluid because they don't want to stick a needle in me to remove it because of the chance of infection. Whew, I'm out of breath from just re-reading my work. Yesterday I had to take a break for air from walking down the house hallway while holding the cat. I wonder what Wii would say my activity age level is now!

What's on the horizon? A haircut on Thursday, or should I say chop? and wig fitting on Friday (photos to come). Hopefully fluid disposal is also on this list. I haven't laid down in 3 days!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A little letter

Dear local drug store pharmacy,

As a now regular patron of your pharmacy, you have proven to uphold your part of the bargain to act as my drug dealer to dispense my drugs as prescribed. You have shown that my expectation of this service is not out of line.

However, during a recent visit to your established drug dispensing counter, I was at a loss of words for the encounter that ensued. The prescription that I had dropped off 2 hours prior had not been filled or even reviewed. At this time, you told me that my insurance coverage had been terminated as of the previous day. As a young woman beginning the battle against cancer, I do not have the extra energy to inquire and investigate this claim, and a discontinuation of insurance would be devastating to me during my current medical condition. After some tears and some phone call attempts on my part, you miraculously found the right code to enter and all is well and good. Well, no it is not. You have caused me undue harm and distress which resulted in me vomiting on the brick outside your front doors. Enjoy the clean-up.

The Vomiter

Pink Ladies

Well friends, there is much to update you on, but I'll do it bit by bit...

This past Sunday (the day after I watched ASU football endure a heartrending loss to UGA), I went with some girlfriends to go see a very much anticipated Broadway show. Ok, so very much anticipated by me. Legally Blonde the Musical! The show dazzled with hot pink, fuchsia, baby pink, glitter, and heels! Oh a girls delight. However, I think Bruiser (Elle's chihuahua) got the most audience applause. He was cute. Although I enjoyed the ever so clever lyrics and snazzy bend and snaps, I was more impressed with Wicked, which I saw earlier this year. Wow! I sound so theater savvy!

This lighthearted story of a driven sorority girl made for a great way to start a very tough week...more to come tomorrow.

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