Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grace's Nursery - Inspiration

Interior design is always an interesting subject in our home. You see, my MIL is an interior designer and my Dashing definitely inherited those genes. He has a "style," opinions on color palettes, and furniture preferences. On the positive side, he always wants to be involved in house-hold decisions and is genuinely interested. On the negative side, that means he has an opinion on everything and I can't just pick everything I want for any room in the house. I realize that is part of marriage (darn! hehe).

See his style is Indiana Jones travels the world:

My style is a little more chic and refined.
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So lots of compromise has to come from both sides on design. I must say that Dashing usually does a little bit more conceding because he likes to see me happy (so sweet). So, here are some of our nursery design inspiration photos. I do have to say, I'm ecstatic about all of them. We're working from a budget, so I'm keeping track of everything that we spend so I can share what the cost ends up being. More nursery updates to come!

Sara Cate



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