Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Test Day

Today, I had my gestational diabetes glucose test. Here's the run down..... starve fast all morning, drink an orange soda the prescribed sugar drink in under 5 minutes,
 then wait an hour while people, typically over the age of 75, shuffle in and out of the lab waiting area for their turn to provide urine samples. This means there are adults helping out their elderly parents, shouting at the top of their lungs to translate messages from the desk clerk to the parent about where to put their "sample."  I felt like I was living through an episode of the Golden Girls mashed with a nursing home nightmare.

Interesting right?

Well, I finally got my blood drawn and quickly escorted myself to the closest Paradise Bakery to eat some soup and a sandwich. Unfortunately, it was not satisfying at all - I should have ordered the usual and not the experimental meal. I hate it when that happens! Anyways, I'm feeling great so I'm hoping my test results show it too.

Here's what my 27 weeks and 2 days looks like!

Happy Wednesday!
Sara Cate



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