Thursday, September 17, 2009

My TiVo has been returned

TiVo Consumer satisfaction: Low
A detailed update is called for as I have failed to inform you that TiVo is so last season.

We, as society, hold physicians (and lawyers) up as idols. Mothers want their daughters to marry one, parents are proud of the children for being one, and the community recognizes their dedication and determination in the field. I think this contributes to the amount of trust and leeway we give to our doctors. My entourage was referred to TiVo through another physician, and we immediately bit on the opportunity to get into an oncologist so quickly. Our experience with our initial meeting went just fine, with some minor irritations. Refer to my previous post for a detailed explanation of the visit. Although it wasn't the best visit, it didn't really occur to me that in this country, under our current health care - I can CHOOSE to see a different oncologist (This can also be considered a battle cry to not have government health care). I just accepted what I had. Then, Dashing's Dean of the Medical School suggested we seek a second opinion from a contact of his; we jumped on board (another example of how humanity is good - the Dean of a medical school helping me?? Wow, I am so thankful).

We had a fantastic visit at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson with Dr. Thomas Miller, a lymphoma specialist. Literally - he only treats lymphoma. He is THE expert in this, and not only does he have the knowledge and experience, but he is also caring, explains everything, and is willing to chat! This wonderful experience showed me that TiVo was vastly under-performing in his duties to see me as a young woman battling cancer, but instead as just another patient whom he needs to quickly see and move on. ICK. The Tucson center is beautiful and has a lot of perks that TiVo's office couldn't offer (like having someone sit with me during Chemo - TiVo didn't have this feature).

My point is, do not settle on anything in life if it isn't in your best interest. Hence, my TiVo has been returned.


Sara said...

So, glad you got a better doctor who cares about you as a person. I think it's so important for patients to be seen as people first.

Josie said...

Great to hear-so glad you didn’t settle and used right to ‘shop around’!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm so glad you found a place that you like!

Katie said...

It's wonderful to hear you're getting the best!

Emily said...

You desereve only the best! Glad TiVo is no more!!!

Kris said...

I am so happy for you! I experienced a similar transition where my first contact was in an office/Center which felt like gloom and doom with a doctor who never said my name. I sought a second opinion with an oncologist who treated a colleague of mine. When I walked in the office the nurses were all chatty, the patients were walking around with their IVs and when the oncologist met with me the first thing she asked was "what do you know about your cancer? and how do you want me to work with you?" You know me Sara -- I was at home with this doctor's participatory style. I often called her 'Coach' for numerous and endearing reasons. Be well Sara. Kris


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