Friday, May 18, 2012

Recipes and Weekend Plans

Happy Friday!

Last night I made Cooking Light's simply Blackened Tilapia with a little spinach salad. It was sooo delicious I had to share. Not only was it delish, it only took a TOTAL of 7 minutes for me to prep and broil. And... since I used a parchment paper/foil pan liner in the bottom of my broil pan, there really wasn't clean up either. That's how I like to cook. YUMMMMM.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Also, this weekend Dashing and I going to  More To Hollywood's College Graduation Party. I can't wait to celebrate her accomplishments!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara Cate


Anonymous said...

Have fun!! Looks delish

Fashion-isha said...

The tilapia looks amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

Hollie Ann said...

ooooohhh!! this looks delicious!! i want to start cooking more maybe i'll make this next!

cailen ascher said...

mmm...that dinner sounds delish! thanks for sharing : )



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