Monday, May 7, 2012

Lights, camera, action - Not my typical Saturday: Part I

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To my and your surprise, this atypical Saturday adventure has nothing to do with the Derby or Cinco de Mayo. In a very strange turn of events, Dashing and I were filmed in a test pilot for a reality/documentary television series. Yup. That happened.

In my best attempt to explain what kind of production this is, think something like the Cooking Channel's Chuck's Day Off mated with ABC's Extreme Home Makeover. The cooking show revolves around Chuck doing what he does - cooking, however, it's also about his personality, adventures, and stories MIXED with ABC's Extreme Home Makeover's personal and touching stories of the family receiving the gifted home. You cry, you laugh, you learn (You will NOT learn how to do your hair Jersey Shore style nor learn how strangers stop acting nice and start getting real).

This project revolves around the life of one of my doctors. He is dynamic, silly, unique, quirky, suave, and intelligent. He is a father, guitarist, singer, doctor, and pilot.  I would say he rivals The Most Interesting Man in the World (see right).

Now I said he is a doctor, and that is the role I met him in. Nothing is ordinary about this man, and neither is his medical specialty. His medical specialty is as unique as they come - infertility and fertility preservation.

You might be confused as to why I have gone to a fertility doctor because if you know me or have been following me, I am not pregnant, we do not have children, and we are not trying to conceive right now. I eluded to it a few years ago during my battle with cancer, but I've decided to lay it all out over this week as I talk about why were were in this tv show test pilot and what happens at this kind of doctor's office.

An interesting week it shall be; I think it will deserve a Dos Equis.


Sweet Simplicity said...

I hope the series comes to fruition. It sounds really interesting. You'll have to keep me updated.

Emily Hester said...

Love when you share your life in print. I'm so proud of you BB!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How exciting!! I hope it comes about!


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