Monday, May 21, 2012

Congratulations to More to Hollywood for graduating college! I loved celebrating her this Saturday at her graduation party. Her mother read the sweetest letter to her, which made the evening so special.

Also, in a miraculous series of events, Dashing had the entire weekend off!  We don't get many of those because of his residency schedule. So we spent it taking jogs, getting new running shoes, eating out at new restaurants, going for a swim, visiting the building that holds our future children (we waved hello!), and truly enjoying our weekend together. 

Another great weekend is coming up - on Thursday, I will fly to Georgia to see a dear friend marry her best friend! 

Then, the following week, I'm off to a 10 day family vacation. I'll share the soon!

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

Sara Cate


Sweet Simplicity said...

Gorgeous girls! Yay for an entire weekend together!

Shannon Marie said...

I am so thankful you two could be there to celebrate with me! Love you tons - see you soon!

Emily Hester said...

Yay for your good weekend!

Can't wait to see my BB in just a few more days!


Courtney & Justin said...

You are such a beautiful person!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And sounds like a fantastic weekend and also a great series of fun events to come! enjoy!


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