Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Adventure Book

Source: etsy.com via Sara on Pinterest

Although our house didn't get swept away by balloons, nor did we didn't find a large historic bird, and we didn't meet any talking dogs, we definitely had an adventure this past weekend.

My friend Jordan came to visit me in Tucson as we met her sweet, non-talking sheltie named Bailey.
Dashing and Bailey - the 8.5 lb fully grown Sheltie!
Jordan, Bailey, Dashing, and I took an adventure walk though the desert near our house. We encountered a wild rattle snake. I don't have a picture of the snake. It actually was rattling at us. We scurried away quite quickly. Even Dashing jumped when the rattling started!

We didn't visit Paradise Falls, but did cheers to tropical drinks......
Tangerine beer at my favorite gastropub Noble Hops

The famous Tucson Eegee's - it's not a slushie, but it's not a smoothie. It's an Eegees.
I had strawberry pina colada. YUM

Then we were wisked away on a Trolley Pub for a friend's birthday evening. This is equally as odd of a mode of transportation as a house floating away via helium. A Trolley Pub where a group of awesome people pay to jump on a 15 person wagon with bicycle pedals and use their own leg power to pedal the trolley to surrounding establishments of choice (aka: bars) . There is a driver who steers the trolley, but it can only go forwards. For reverse, you all have to jump off the trolley and push it backwards while the company driver steers. 

It was OUR ADVENTURE and I'm glad I not have it in my blog "book."

Hope your weekend was an adventure to remember!

Sara Cate


Anonymous said...

Fun!! Except for the snake part :S eek!
Do you drink on the bike trolley?! How fun!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Sounds like a fun weekend other than the whole snake thing! I'm not sure what I would have done if I had heard the rattling. I grew up in an area that has an annual rattle snake festival and those things freak me out!


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