Friday, April 20, 2012

Give me a break, Give me a break

You know those days when you're sitting at your computer, and you think to yourself " I would so much rather be [fill in the blank]." You think of all possibilities: napping, cleaning, golfing, shopping, reading, exercising, cocktail-ing (not a word, but I'd like it to be). We'll last week, it happened!

My office saves all of our documents on a shared server and then all of our backups are online on Dropbox (If you haven't used Dropbox,  you should.I'll explain below). Well, all of the internet and servers went down around 3pm. So what's a girl and her co-workers to do??

Play cards until the office released us at 4pm to go home. As a joke, we had to protect our identities in the photo. However, it was our boss that took the photo when she found us. She classified it as team-building.

I hope you get your break this Friday and have a wonderful cocktail-ing weekend!

My friend Jordan is coming to spend the weekend with me and Dashing. I'll share photos and recipes from her visit next week!

Sara Cate

*Dropbox is essentially an online flash drive that you can pull up on any computer with internet. You can even save an icon to your desktop so you don't have to open the webpage each time you edit/create a document. It also works with iPad and iPhone! Just download the Dropbox app. You can share single files, file folders, etc. You can grant edit access or just viewing access and share these with a simple link! It's FANTASTIC! Try it out, IT'S FREE! They give you something like 500MB free and then when you invite more people you are rewarded with more space! You can also buy more space. So use think link and sign up to give it a shot, we'll both be rewarded with more space!


Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

haha I love days like that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! Love the photo. Happy weekend :)


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