Monday, August 24, 2009

When life gets in the way of life

Whew! Today was a long day. Luckily, this past weekend I was blessed with a few days to get away with a girl friend to Coronado Island. More of that to come tomorrow once I can transfer the photos to my computer. In the meantime, I must spill my thoughts about what all is going on in my life.

I started my PhD program today. Wonderful, I know! This is one more ball I've thrown up in the air to juggle. Have I mentioned I don't know how to juggle? Right now, I'm thinking of all the mothers who are juggling ball, scarfs, elephants...mad props to them! I'm sitting here right now with the following things still left undone as the day is coming to a close:

1. fingernails and toenails look like a construction worker's from lack of care
2. the laundry pile needs a name of its own as it has become its own island
3. my "recent calls" list on my phone is more red than black (in IPhone terms that means I have a lot of friends that haven't received call backs...I'm so sorry and promise I'll ring soon!)
4. I haven't spent one-on-one quality time with Dr.Dashing in over a week. The Medical school v. PhD/Work game is currently broadcasting on your local TV network
5. Stationary I promised a friend is slightly delayed. I'm hoping she holds in her baby another week! (different woman than earlier post) Can I do that???

Thank you for listening dear friends. This is not to complain as I'm excited for what the future holds; just needed a moment of your time to process all the things going on. Let me know what you have going on and I'll keep you in my thoughts too!


CC said...

"the laundry pile needs a name of its own as it has become its own island"
haha. It's always the same with me. :P

Liz said...

You are impressed with mothers...I'm super impressed with you!! I can't wait to hear how the PhD program started and am so excited to see how this journey unfolds for you!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Good luck with everything! I'm sure you will get into a routine soon! Congrats on starting your PhD.

Annie said...

one thing at a time girly :)
i think it's great that you have started on your phd program!
good luck with everything!

d.a.r. said...

You can do it!!!! Good luck gettin' the hang of things. I feel that way right now, too!


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