Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm convincing myself I'm in a movie where the days just seem to repeat, deja vu if you will. Unfortunately, I've been pinching myself and I can't seem to wake up. shit. You see, not quite 3 weeks ago I found myself Austin Power-ing it out of my loft's parking garage. The tiny-tiny garage somehow holds 14 cars and some douchebag renter can't seem to find a way to pull his over sized truck all the way into his parking space leaving his ass truck's tail end hanging out into the common space. I would post a picture of this...but loft politics and all prevent me from doing so. Anyways, I'm Power-ing out of my space and finally cut a corner too close.....OH NO....OUCH. Yes, I rubbed elbows with the common space enemy. My side door collided with his back corner. I left a little sticky note with my info - as any respectable citizen with good morals would. All has been taken care of. My car was in the shop for a whole week - survival was tough, but not as tough as the bill - which happened to be the name of the guy who worked on my car. So the deja vu part already... tonight I go to meet my friend for an early dinner. I stroll down to the garage and vuala! The side door that was just fixed has been run into! WHAT! No, this can't be happening. No, I just had that I seeing things? Then, I look for the note............................................I'm still waiting on it. Obviously the person was not so kind as I was. Selfish bastard unkind citizen. For those Seinfeld watchers....SERENITY NOW!


Josie said...

Oh No! I am so sorry :( That is horriable!

Anonymous said...

This is hillarious Sara!!! Love you and Love your blog!!!!



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