Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today was a good day

Compliments. They are wonderful to receive, and they are wonderful to give.

Compliments can totally change your day, especially the receiving side. Today has been one of those days. As a 35-week pregnant woman, you can sometimes feel ummmm....not so attractive/stylish/cute. Today I walked into work and the first person I saw was an unknown middle-aged woman. As we passed each other she said to me,  "You're beautiful, you look like a model." Wow, THANK YOU. I then had a smile on my face and a sense of confidence zipped through my body.

Then, this afternoon, upon walking to lunch with co-workers, a man said "Wow, you're beautiful even when you're pregnant. Your husband is a lucky man." Yes, my husband is a lucky man, if I don't say so myself!
Ok so this was was a little more awkward because I left out the part that the man was an unkempt street man, but he said it with politeness and kept moving. So, maybe a little odd, but I'll still graciously accept the compliment!

My point...never underestimate the power of words. You can change someone's attitude, confidence, and feelings with a single line. Especially if you have something meaningful, nice, and wonderful to say to someone, please go say it!

Sara Cate



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