Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tell me more, tell me more

We're over 36 weeks now!

The nursery is ALMOST finished, and I'm looking forward to sharing pics. I'm putting the last few decor things together, and then little Grace's room is set. We'll just need the baby to go in the nursery! Our cat is filling that role in the meantime.

Little Miss Sophie
She's been taking daily naps in an antique bassinet that was gifted to us. I know if we bought her a cat bed she wouldn't touch it.

So, as you see from the photo above, I'm carrying around a 20 pound basketball on my front side. Yesterday, a worker at the grocery store said, "Oh how exciting, when are you due?" I replied that I was due in 4 weeks on April 15. She said "Wow, it doesn't look like it. You look like you're about to pop any day." The very next day, someone who works in my building asked the same question, but replied "Oh, you are so tiny! You just have this little baby ball."

So yes, strangers, please do tell me more of your contradictory, non-expert opinions on my size.

All that matters is that my OB is pleased with my weight gain, my fundus measurement is right on the mark, and all looks well for a healthy baby so far! That is what matters to me.

Sara Cate


Stephanie Webber said...

I am so excited to see Grace's nursery! Your taste is still flawless btw.


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