Monday, February 11, 2013

Double Grammy

Last night Dashing was working a shift at the hospital, so I situated myself in front of the TV with a blanket and chilled glass of wine sparkling apple cider, and the remote control and watched the Grammy's.

I love that Mumford and Sons won best album for Babel. I love their music. Below My Feet is a favorite of mine.
But who are the Black Keys and Alabama Shakes? News to me.....

I also wasn't blown away by the dresses. I did love Carrie Underwood (she always looks great), and oddly enough, Kelly Osborne's dress was a great pick too.

carrie underwood grammys dress 2013
via Huffington Post
And what was with LL Cool J's final performance. I was not a fan. But it was overall a fun show and the performances were exciting.

The double Grammy comes in as today is my Grandma's 93rd Birthday! Wishing her a wonderful day from Arizona to Indiana.

Funfetti® Confetti Ice Cream Cake

I desperately want to try this Funfetti Ice Cream Cake Recipe!
Funfeti is my favorite.
Someone have a birthday in town!

Happy Monday!

Sara Cate


Anonymous said...

Aw fun! Happy birthday to your Grammy!
I missed the Grammy's because I was working - but from all accounts, I just missed the performances :)


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