Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Weekend to Celebrate

Happy February! I'm so excited for this weekend! My dad and his wife are flying out to attend a co-ed shower our friends Lizy and Zach are throwing for baby Grace this weekend. We'll also be stopping in the rowdy Phoenix Open golf tournament at TPC Scottsdale and enjoying Super Bowl Sunday! 

What's the Phoenix Open  you ask? You may have heard of it in the news recently because famous golfer Vijay Singh withdrew from the tournament because he was using a banned substance....antler spray (What???). Also, Tiger Woods has not participated in this event for a handful of years because he didn't like the party atmosphere of the event. He once had a cup thrown at him and he never came back. Oops. Essentially you see everyone you know from college, randomly run into people that live out-of-state, enjoy the nice weather, wander the beer tents, and watch golf the crowd. Obviously I'll be hitting up the water fountains this year.

I'll let Wikipedia do further explaining.......

"The 4-day attendance of the tournament is usually around 500,000. The most popular hole for spectators to watch is the 16th hole due to the "Amphitheatre" atmosphere of the hole, created by the stands erected every year before the tournament. The hole could be described as "one big party", with many students from the nearby Arizona State University. Poor shots at the 16th hole receive boos, because the hole is very easy by the PGA's standards. Good shots, however, are cheered for loudly. Famous moments at the 16th include Tiger Woods' hole-in-one in 1997, which caused the gallery to erupt, throwing cups and other objects in celebration, and Justin Leonard giving the finger to the gallery after a poor shot. The most popular golfer at the open is unquestionably Phil Mickelson, an Arizona State alum. In addition to the golf, there is a concert/party held in the Scottsdale area called the Birds Nest, at which music artists like Huey Lewis and the News play."

BUMPDATE: Almost 30 weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Sara Cate



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