Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here, kitty kitty kitty

Oh...who knew it would be so exhausting to have a cat! After a whole day of traveling back to Arizona, we came home to find out cat acting very bizzare. Weird noises screeched from her mouth almost like a yelping cry "ouch!" It really sounded like she was saying ouch. She belted it out like she had channeled Tina Turner or Diana Ross. After a little soul searching on the internet (meaning searching for an answer to save our souls from the rechid noises she was making), we discovered she is in heat. Slut. This also means she is not spayed. Add one more thing to the kitty to-do list! $300 + later (food, liter, collar, microchip, surgery, pain meds etc.) we have ourselves an ovary-free cat named Sophie.


Emily said...

Well, at least you got that taken care of before there were 5 little Sophie's being brought into the world under your bed :) She's so cute though!

Emily said...

Actually, this entry helped me with work! I'm including a section on the Financial Counseling website for "The True Cost of Pet Ownership" so students know what they're getting into before the go get a pet.


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