Monday, May 18, 2009

Family addition +

Dr. Dashing and I rolled into our loft's garage around 11pm last night after a fun filled family day (Celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day as another reason to get together) to find a curious little creature waiting in our parking space. A small cat sat there staring back at us as if to wonder why we were invading it's garage - who knew we would be breaching a cat's homeland security boundaries! Now we were curious whether the cat was friendly, so we slowly rolled down the window and simply called "kitty??" To our surprise, it ran up to the car and began to meow as if it was ready for us to exit our vehicle to greet it. So, we followed directions and jumped out of the car, and again called "kitty?" Immediately it frolicked over to us and in one brisk leap, jumped into our arms.

Now I've had cats before, but have never seen a house cat (let alone a lost cat) be so attention hungry from strangers. Most cats irritate me as the run and hide for what seems like days.

So now we're wondering, where the heck did kitty come from? We keep the kitty happy with petting only to notice it's turning our hands quite dirty. We begin to walk away, wondering what it would do. Well, it followed us into the building, took a ride on the elevator, and when the elevator door shot open, the cat sprinted down the hallway to our door. Bizarre to say the least.

After a midnight run to the local grocery store, we set up a little area for kitty in the bathroom to keep her for the night. (We think it's a she). We're making "Cat Found" posters for around our building, but secretly hoping she'll be our. Dr. Dashing is convinced she is our cat and doesn't seem to have any intention of giving her up. He has already been sucked in by her pretty green eyes and cuttles with her every chance he can get.

After a bath and some more petting, she crawled into bed and had a great long night's rest.

Goodnight, kitty!


Emily said...

I can just picture you and Dr. Love cuddling with kitty!


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