Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick days are not like snow days

I've come down with a cold. So, yesterday, I worked from home - laptop on lap propped up in bed. The box of tissues within a quick reach, TV news on. It sounds like a glorious day to spend all day in bed - but sick days are no snow days. The headache, the runny nose, coughing, sneezing all while trying to work. However, it actually all worked out quite nicely. I was able to not only be work productive, but also caught up on worldly events, rest, and got some laundry done. As 5 o'clock passed, I put away the computer and focused the remainder of the evening on rest and relaxation. I spent some quality phone time with Miss. B and then with an old friend, Miss. L. As I get older, I realize that is can be even more difficult to keep in touch with friends as we spread ourselves thin with work schedules, school schedules, and significant others. It's easy to put off that 30 minute phone call until the next day, or the next day. But, in the end - if it's important to you, that 30 minutes is a lifetime of good friendships. So, despite the snot dripping from my nose, I stayed on the phone for quite some time last night, putting in my time into my friendships.



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