Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Adult Spring Break Revisited

Throughout college, I embraced the word "spring break." The mere thought of a week out of school and sunshine brought that happy/tingling feeling to me. I'm sure that a smile drew across my face every March to look forward to a week of friends, fun, beach, drinks, photos, and road trips....a mere delight. In March of 2006, I went through a mourning period saying a fond farewell to the days of spring break as college came to a close. I buried the idea and wrote 'good times' on the tombstone. However, spring break has risen from the dead!

Last week, I, with my spring break cane as I'm now an old spring breaker, headed out to San Diego to enjoy 7 whole days of break. This adult spring break actually not all that different in a few ways....let me paint you a picture.

College spring break: Crammed 5, 6, 7 or more people into a small beach hotel room with one bedroom and one bathroom - we had to get the most bang for our buck - we were cheap college students!
Adult spring break: Crammed 7 adults ranging from ages 24-85 in a one bedroom one bath condo on the beach (Me, Dashing, and his family)

College spring break: Drinking games and late nights.
Adult spring break: Euchre (card game) that lasted all night.

Are you seeing the parallels here? Well it was a great break from work and school, but in a weird way, the adult spring break revisited has proven to be just as much fun!



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