Friday, April 5, 2013

A Surreal Day

Today is my last day in the office. I will not be returning to this job.


I have had a job since my 16th birthday, and this feeling of not having a paycheck job lined up is a bizarre feeling. It really hasn't sank in yet that my job for many years to come will be stay-at-home-mom. No rush hour traffic, no lunch with co-workers, no bi-weekly paycheck, no checking emails at odd hours of the night, no Friday night emails of "can this be done right now?", no water-jug chats. A part of me is so excited for the next chapter of our lives, and a part of me is hesitant for the unknown. But isn't everyone a little fearful of the unknown? I am ready to take this leap, though. I'm ready to welcome Grace to our family with all the changes, blessings, and challenges parenthood will bring.

You could say I'm ready to pop.....

almost 39 weeks
I have a feeling this weekend will feel like a typical working weekend, but come Monday, I'm wondering if I'll be visualizing my old morning routine of getting ready, driving through rush hour, parking in my garage, and clicking on the little blue light to flip on my computer monitor to start work for the day.

Overall though....How will I feel at 8am on Monday? I'm going to take a guess it's going to feel pretty good.

Sara cate


Jess said...

thats very exciting! congrats and good luck!


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