Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 (painfully) honest things...

It was so much fun playing the Duchess yesterday, and I absolutely adored seeing the dolled-up trick-or-treat-ers bounding up my sidewalk last night. I would have loved to have taken pictures of some of the munchkins but clearly realize that parents would think I was a devient so I resisted. So, transitioning from being someone else yesterday (Kate Middleton that is), I'm going to share some things about the real me.

Ages ago, I was totally inspired by blogger The Whole Kristen Caboodle to write 10 painfully honest things about myself. I apparently started this, saved  it as a draft, and just stumbled upon it today. So I set out to finish writing all 10 plus one for good measure (and by that I mean 11). For those who know me well, digging deep and letting it out has been a tough thing for me to learn how to do, so I am completely not surprised a half-finished, painfully-dig-deep post has sat in my draft posts for so long. So, this is a good test for me to see how far along I've come with reaching a place called comfortable in my own skin.

11. I am a terrible window shopper. I hate looking at things I can't buy. I simply won't go to the mall/retail store unless I am going to be purchasing something. 
Tory Bruch Store in Hong Kong - isn't it beautiful!

10. I have patience. I just think it takes a vacation now an then.

9. I love iced lattes. I claim that I don't need them for the espresso caffeine, but refuse to get them decaf claiming "what am I paying for then!" Hmmmmm. I may be misguided here.
How do they do those designs!
Source: tumblr.com via rebecca on Pinterest

8. I have left dishes, laundry, and trash to do just to see if Dashing will do it without prompting. However, I have come to realize that if I just simply ask, it will usually will get done. If I don't ask - it's on me.

7. My dream job is to be a domestic goddess. Inspirations include stylist like Mrs. Lilien, cook like The Pioneer Woman, an artist like Caitlin McGauley, an interior designer like Erin Gates of Elements of Style, provide comedic relief like The Blogess, have wardrobes like 9 to 5 Chic, Atlantic Pacific, and Sweet Caroline, Lauren Conrad, and Olivia Palermo and of course, be a wonderful wife and mother.

6. I once took an ATM cash withdraw from Dashing and my joint bank account to go buy a shirt I wanted so the retailer's name wouldn't show up on our bank statement. I only did this once and no more!

5. I compare my body size to others and will make myself upset with my current size and shape.

4. I will rationalize with myself that eating mega servings of  chocolate chip cookies [insert any kind of food or sweet here] is the same caloric intake as eating one because it's the same food. Slightly self-destructive here as this is obviously not true.

3. I am irritated by odd things like: "just two for dinner" YES hostess, just two. My husband and I are very happy coming to dinner JUST us two. How about you say, "two for dinner?" Thank you. Also, I know these songs have a great meaning, but "live like you're dying" songs miss a major point. Every day we live, we are closer to death. Therefore you should live life to its fullest BECAUSE you're dying. Think about it in a philosophical and inspiring way - not as a downer. Finally, I hate it when my three favorite radio stations are all playing the same song at the same time. There are a billion songs out there and you can't seem to find a different one to play?

2. I find myself making backhanded comments (especially to my husband) more than I'd like to admit. I'm working on this.

1. Ugh, one more! I've shared lots of painfully honest things so far. This is exhausting. Ok, last one. I have a tendency to judge MY self-worth based on my salary and job title. What's crazy is that in my heart, I value my personal life, memories, experiences, future plans, and accomplishments so much more. So, I'm not sure why this matters in the grand scheme of things, but for some reason, it apparently does.


Everyday Adventures said...

That was really brave of you to share such honest things about your life! I can definitly relate to the radio stations all playing the same song, it irks me beyond belief lol have a great day!

Regina said...

I love these. Its good to know that we all have flaws. Also, I had to laugh at #5, because I too have often compared my body to others, BUT, I almost always compared to YOU! Love you, Regina

Anonymous said...

BB...great insights! I have also left dirty dishes just to see if the hubby will do them and hold out for as long as possible. And...I keep telling Chris we need to get a joint bank account but them relish every time I can go shopping and he can't know how much I spent (i.e. the new piece of artwork in our bedroom...small but beautiful...but if he knew it was over $150, might flip his lid).

I love you.


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