Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gold Luxury

My Golden Birthday is almost here (27 on the 27th). So, here are some of my favorite [Golden] things.....

Gold Elephant Accessories: I heart elephants in design elements. I've spent significant amounts of time with elephant accessories, so I cannot speak to how much I actually like the entire species of elephants, but I think I'd like them too.

Gold mirror: I've been really swooning over unique gold guilder mirrors and venetian mirrors recently. They are such statement pieces. 

Gold sequence fashion: I'm loving the sparkle in these pieces. JCrew recently paired a gold shirt with a casual top and I thought it was gorgeous. Gold fashion can frequently go wrong - so watch out - no gold leggings or spandex allowed!

Gold nesting/nightstand bowls: Any kind of jewelry bowl makes me happy. I love  making my jewelry into a beautiful vignette when I'm not wearing it. My pretty jewelry deserves a pretty place to rest. I particularly love these Olive and Cocoa gold gilded bowls. 

Gold Pendant NecklaceI think gold pendant necklaces, especially monogrammed ones, can go with almost every outfit. You can definitely "make it work!"  

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest


Little Pink Rain Boots said...

I love those white and gold bowls.


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