Friday, March 18, 2011

The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get

My father-in-law uses this phrase ALL the time. Although, I actually don't mind hearing it over and over again as I think he is totally right. Yesterday, Dashing and I were given an envelope by his College of Medicine informing us of where he will be completing his residency in Emergency Medicine. (It was double-ly fun as I planned the event for the College!). We Dashing has put in lots of time and effort into his education and building relationships over the past four years, and it has paid off. We matched at our number one choice, The University of Arizona, University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. This was not luck on the lucky day of St. Patrick's, but a result of hard work and dedication. We are thrilled to begin this new journey that will start in June 2011.


Miss Lace said...

Wooohooo congrats! All of us in AZ know UMC is the best for that.

Suz said...

Congrats! UMC is a great medical center and Tucson is a great place to live.

Lulu said...

What fun, congratulations on securing your top match! Just curious how Dashing feels about moving to Wildcat country...? ;) Pleasure to meet you at E's baby shower, can't wait to read up on the next leg of the adventure!

Emily said...

There are not 2 people who deserve their first choice more! And you BOTH have put a lot of hard work into med school! So proud of you/him.
Love, BB


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