Thursday, February 3, 2011

February = Hearts

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day or not (Dashing considers it is a Hallmark ploy), it seems to be a month of red and pink hearts galore. I think it is a great reminder to celebrate the ones you love. Yes, I said that plural. I mean whatever relationships you love - including pet babies - celebrate and relish them. So, as the month goes on, I plan to discuss a few "heart" topics.

My first topic, the traditional escape of the newly married couple...the honeymoon that is. Regardless of its potential historic beginnings, I  We want one, and we haven't had one.

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Dashing and I lived together (at his place) before we were married on July 10, 2010 . We had been together for 4 1/2 years at that point. Our finances were muddled together. We shared ownership of a car. We weren't moving into a place of OURS. So the vision of a honeymoon was one that whisked me off my feet - not that the wedding didn't, but I guess I always put the two together. It was like a round 2 of the wedding in my mind. Dashing doesn't quite see it the same way, but appreciates the opportunity to spend time together doing out-of-the-norm vacation-y things. However, due to Dashing's medical school schedule, he went back to the wards the Tuesday after we were married. This is just one of the small kinds of sacrifices medical families make.

Now, we are looking for that special spot to travel to to celebrate our marriage (1 year out). This will be our first full blown vacation together as we have always taken family vacations. So what's the problem? We are on a budget and have no idea where to go! We love tropical places (I'm not talking about the jungle, more like resort style tropics with an day adventure option). We live in Phoenix, can travel in late March or late May/early June, and are open to suggestions. Hawaii, the Islands, the unknown......

Dear readers......please share with us where you have been or suggestions for a fabulous vacation on a budget!


Sara said...

Hawaii is really nice, but very expensive. We honeymooned in Oregon and while it might seem odd, it was amazing! Being from Texas it was nice to cool off for a bit after our August wedding.

Wherever you go, it will be special!

Lindsey said...

If you are on a budget, don't do Hawaii. Find somewhere all-inclusive. We have stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. VERY big resort. Many of my friends honeymooned at Couples Negril in Jamaica. We honeymooned in St. Lucia. We have also heard great things about the Dominican Republic. The nice thing about Jamaica? The water is fine to drink, the locals speak English. What about Cabo? It looks beautiful. Have fun searching and finding a great place! There is nothing better than a week on the beach with your hunny :)

melissa said...

We had the best time on our honeymoon and I thought it was a great deal for an amazing vacation. We went to Playa Mujeres, Mexico and stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres. It was gorgeous. There's an island just down the road which you can reach by ferry and can do day trips there. They do snorkeling, ziplining, etc. I've heard Mexico might be scary right now though, so I'd check into that too.

Minnesota Girl said...

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Maui Hawaii, in November/December of 2010. It was AMAZING! We ended up staying in a condo (which can help save money b/c it has a full kitchen so you can eat some meals at home). Maui is expensive, but worth every.single.penny! My parents actually paid for the car, plane tickets and condo (10 days) as part of our wedding gift. My husband and I were responsible for paying for activities and meals. Again, some stuff was expensive--but worth it! Plus, Maui is VERY safe.

I posted about my honeymoon here:

McDorky said...

We went to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico and stayed at the Royal Playa Del Carmen. Really had a great time. For our honeymoon, we went to Puerto Vallarta and stayed at Dreams Resort (which was AMAZING and the food was great). They were both all-inclusives, but The Royal had better entertainment staff, while Dreams had better food, better beach (it is a private beach and impeccable kept). We love Mexico. My favorite vacation of all time was on Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas. It is part of the outer islands and was practically deserted when we went in August. My sister and her husband went to Honduras last year and LOVED it. Look at for great deals but double check everything on for true-to-life reviews! How fun!

Sweet Simplicity said...

We went to Mexico last summer and had the best time. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and it was fabulous. We were on a med school budget too, but still went to a great place--Secrets Capri Riviera. I did several blog posts about it. Let me know if you want more info like cost, etc.

Emily said... know Chris and the obsession with the budget, so our Honeymooon was the perfect balance. I didn't feel like I missed out on anything but we didn't spend what I know many/most of our cohort did. I can give you all the details. This is something you ABSOLUTELY DESERVE!


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