Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Welcome 11 in 11

Wow, where did 2010 go? 
I'll tell you....
It went to spending all my energy recovering from my chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
It went to planning my marriage/wedding/life with my Dashing.
It went to training for and completing a half-marathon benefiting the Arizona Cancer Center.
It want to volunteering for my Delta Gamma alumnae group and St. Jude.
It went to spending precious quality time with my family.
It went to starting a new job.
It went to celebrating my 26th year of life.
It went to a family vacations to Coronado, Disneyland, Mexican Riviera, Indiana, and Oregon.
2010 Tucson 1/2 Marathon

Terri Brush Art Camp - Oregon
Searching for my first wig.

So what is next for 2011....
Becoming an Aunt to a little girl (Miss E)
Celebrating my golden birthday (27)
A one year wedding anniversary
Dashing starting Residency in Emergency Medicine
and much much more - but to continue to strive for a fulfilled life, I have created my list of 11 in 11 that I'll share with you as I not only check them off my list, but enjoy every minute of it.

Sara Cate's 11 in 11

1) Have a picnic with Dashing 
2) Find an exciting museum or venue 
3) Have a wine party 
4) Do something totally spontaneous 
5) Watch the Star Wars series (Dashing has been wanting to do this with me for years)
6) Hike Camelback Mountain 
7) Go camping in northern Arizona
8) Have a board game night with a group of friends
9) Go a whole day without complaining (repeat as needed) 
10) Take a cooking/baking class/attend a culinary event 
11) Throw myself a Golden Birthday Bash (27 on the 27th of July)


Love Lace said...

So glad that you are back! I can't believe you did all that last year, you are amazing!!! Look forward to reading/seeing pictures of your 11 in 11!!! It all sounds so fun!

Lindsey said...

Love your list! 2010 has definitely been a busy year for you. Here is to a great 2011!


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