Monday, December 14, 2009

Who brought the Grinch to Christmas?

In my last post, I shared with you all great news about my PET scan results. I am still over the moon about how my chemotherapy treatments have gone thus far - but not really looking forward to 2 more rounds. So, in preparation for chemo wrap-up, I had to visit with a radiation oncologist to discuss my second part of treatment. After chemotherapy, I will have approximately 20 sessions of radiation to put the last nail in my cancer coffin. The radiation oncologist was wonderful, understanding, and explained everything in detail. Feeling pretty good about what was to come, I nodded in agreement with the process as my entourage (Dashing, Glenda, Dashing's dad, my dad) closely listened in.

I then asked "What will be the daily routine when I come in?" The doctor says, you'll be in and out in 30 minutes most days (I'm thinking fantastic!). For the first few times, there will be some additional planning needed." The doctor continues..."On the first visit, we'll give you some markings to properly line you up on the radiation table for each visit." Dashing's dad (who is an ER doc) is known for his sarcasm and one liners; he pipes up and says,"Now Sara, you know these will be permanent tattoos." I chuckle and say, "Oh sure Mark," and waive my hand as to nonchalantly wave it off. Then I see the look on his face and my grin quickly disappears - "Oh, you're serious."

So readers, the Grinch officially arrived with the notification of my upcoming nuptials with some nice blue tattoo dots on my neck/chest area. Just tally them up to some more battle scars. Ugh.

Here is a picture posted online as to what these tattoos look like. I can have them removed later on with a supposed simple plastic surgery visit. I'm just not a tattoo girl, never wanted one. In the holiday spirit, can't I just get a Santa Claus temporary tattoo instead???


Emily said...

Well, Boo on the Grinch! However, you've got the spirit (not just the holiday one) that these are just some more battle scars...that luckily can be removed.

SassyCassie said...

That sucks! At least they can be removed. I'm so glad everything else is going well!

writing4612 said...

I've often said I'm adding another battle scar to my collection. :) At least you have great doctors.

Love Lace said...

So glad to know that you will eventually be able to remove your battle scars if you choose to! Good luck with your next treatments - sounds like you will be in very good hands!

for the love said...

Not the tattoos and plastic surgery contemplated by most young women, is it? So impressed by your ability to handle this all with such grace and a positive attitude. So impressive! Sending lots of good luck & good thoughts your way for your new treatments.

Regina said...

While I do completely understand the Grinch like feeling of having tattoo'd battle scars, can we talk more about the UPCOMING NUPTIALS?!?!?!?!?! Is there an amazing story, a ring, a plan? I swear as soon as these law school finals are over we need a 3 hour phone date! Miss you lots, but love you more!


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