Thursday, January 15, 2009

Once upon a time

Dear readers,

I've decided to embark on the blogging journey as I navigate my life as a mid-twenty mid-westerner living under the sun in Arizona. I'm progressively opening up new doors, closing others, discovering new meanings to life, and growing into my grown-up high heels.

So now, let me introduce you to the leading man in my life: Dr. Dashing.

Dr. Dashing is currently a medical student. A former fraternity boy turned future doctor. We met in college, and I've been with him through the MCAT studying to medical school acceptance to his upcoming first year of medical school rounds. So although he is not an MD yet, he's like my own personal therapist and pharmacist (don't get the wrong idea - he tells me whether I should take asprin or IB profin, or wheather the generic brand is the same product) which makes him a doctor of all trades to me.
Soon I'll be the girlfriend and roomate of a 3rd year medical student wearing a pager (to be called into the hospital at the drop of a dime), a first year PhD student(myself) while taking stabs at being a working girl. I can only imagine the waters I'll have to tread navigate in the next few years. Stay with me as I sail the waters of my life - hopefully these waters include a view of sandy beaches!



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